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DR Jewellery & Design is a trendsetting Online Jewellery Store specalizing in 3D Jewellery Design, offering services in designing jewellery just for you. Our motto is think outside the box, dream up something that says who you are, dare to be different and wear it with pride.

Featuring The Latest In Technology - 3D Computer Design Jewellery

High Detailed Designs

  • 3D Designed Jewellery  Has A Higher Level Of Detail Greater Than That Of Hand Made
  • You Can View The 3D Model To See Exactly What The Finished Piece Will Look Like

Completely Customizable & Unique

  • You Can Achieve Designs That Suits Your Taste In Jewellery  & Expresses Who You Are
  • Unleash Your Mind And Get Exactly What You want

About the Software

We use a clever piece of digital 3D Jewellery Design sculpting software called Zbrush – the most revolutionary 3D design technology known to us – that enables the ability to impart ultra high levels of detail. Most jewellery designers use CAD-based software, however, Zbrush allows for designs much more organic in its shapes and textures.

Check Out ZBrush At The Pixologics Web Site

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