Boutique Handmade Online Jewellery Store.  Made By Designer David Ross And Based In The South West Of Western Australia With Over 30 Years of Experience


Most frequent questions and answers

Is the metal you use real silver / real gold ?

Yes, as indicated – work is done in 925 sterling silver, which I source from an eco-friendly company. No nickel or silver-plating here! ( I also work in real gold as well). Items sold as Gold – will have a carat such as 9ct or 18ct in the item description – that indicates the percentage of actual gold metal in the alloy – 18ct is 75% gold and 9ct is 37.5% gold.

Which payment methods do you accept ?

I am accepting Paypal & credit cards through Stripe & Paypal

Do you make all your jewellery yourself ?

I am an independent artisan and I personally handcraft all my pieces. The only components I don’t make are clasps and earring backs for post earrings.

Will you copy a piece of jewellery for me ?

As I would not like anyone to make direct copies of my personal designs, I will not directly copy anyone else’s specific design. I am happy to consider creating pieces with the feel or style you are after, so please feel free to contact me about that.

Do you work in metals other than silver ?

Yes I work in Gold as well!.

Do you do repairs

Yes We Do 

Can you use a gemstone I have

If your gemstone is suitable, I am happy to create a piece for you with it. If you can email me pictures of the stone, I can tell you if it is possible for me to set it for you. I haven’t lost a stone yet, but you should be aware when setting gemstones there is always a risk that the stone may be damaged or fractured – so I take all care and no responsibility when using a gemstone supplied by you.

Can you melt down some old jewellery I have and use that

We have found that the end result in melting unwanted jewellery items gives varying results and we can not guarantee the longevity of the finished product. I don’t have the specialist equipment required to assay and refine metal.

What ring size do I choose

It is your responsibility to provide me with a ring size correctly measured by a professional jeweller before I start creating your ring. I will create the ring according to the size you give me. If the ring has a gemstone in it, I will be unable to resize it for you after it is made. If the ring is make from silver only, it is possible that I can resize it – I can provide you with a quote for this work. Ring sizing

How do I return items

See our Returns and Refunds page. Returns and Refunds Policy