Hand Stamped Jewellery Australia


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  • Made to the size of your choice – up to 14 letters / numbers / spaces – depending on the size of the ring
  • 7mm wide band that is 1.8mm thick-  hand stamped using 4mm  stamps
  • Solid 925 Stirling Silver
  • Please note that hand stamped spacing & orientation is slightly irregular
  • Custom Made Item – allow 2-3 weeks to manufacture during peak season.


Hand Stamped Jewellery Australia

Get Hand Stamped Jewellery In Australia –  A Quality Ring with Stamped Letters & Numbers & A Hammered Finish

Personalized stamped jewellery seems to be all the rage at the moment  & Most People do not want to take up another hobby in order for them to satisfy their Jewellery  fix for Hand Stamped Jewellery Australia – thinking that maybe it would be easy to to do this as a project.

I found when looking for my letters & numbers stamps online. Ebay & Gumtree had plenty of 2nd hand sets for sale for reasonable prices but they looked a bit cheap and I did not want to take the risk.

I did get a couple of Premium sets and thought wow this is going to be easy to do, that is until you get them home and start the stamping process and then find out that there is a lot more to it than you first thought.

Fortunately for me I had a heap of scrap silver to practice on and I was able to determine how to work with both sets that I had purchased


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