River Ring - Eclectic Style (modern primitive) Hand Crafted Silver Ring


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  • 5.0mm wide band that is 1.45mm thick band
  • With hammered finish wire (total ring thickness is 2.1mm) and a darkened patina
  • With bezel set Turquoise stone
  •  Solid 925 Sterling Silver
  • Made to the size of your choice.
  • Custom Made Item – allow 2-3 weeks to manufacture during peak season.


River Ring – Eclectic Style (modern primitive) Sterling – Hand Crafted Silver Ring

Eclectic Style is a Funky Mix

Eclectic style encompasses a variety of periods and styles and is brought together through the use of color, texture, shape and finish

A person who likes an eclectic style will not adhere to one decorating style but instead chooses what they feel is the “best” of a few particular decorating styles. Then they incorporate those elements into their home. Many people who like eclectic design may be eclectic themselves, not fitting into any one stereotype or group.

These people like what they like, design wise, and they aren’t afraid to put it all out there–even if it goes against more popular styles of design, such as contemporary or traditional.

Because of this premise, many mistake the eclectic style as an anything-can-go way of designing, but the true eclectic style is a very purposeful and well thought-out way of decorating.

Think of eclectic style as a borrowing of various styles while creating a cohesive look through color, texture and/or shape. A good definition of eclectic style decorating is “a careful gathering of interesting elements that all work together.” Really, it’s not just throwing things together, though the look may feature things that may not go together.


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